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EduMedu is a new generation launchpad platform built on Avalanche Blockchain focusing on Edtech vertical and aims to launch blockchain based Edtech unicorns.


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900,000,000 EDUM

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What is EDUM Token
EDUM token will serve as the EDUMEDU platform's utility token fueling every activity on EduMedu. The EduMedu will grant EDUM holders guaranteed access to participating incredible project launches and various tools on the platform. EDUM token will be beneficial for both the token holders and the investors.
EduMedu is the "Blockchain of Education" that provides unique solutions to the current education systems and it has 3 main divisions which are Edumedu Launchpad, Eduverse, and Edumeduchain.
EduMedu Launchpad aims to launch blockchain-based Edtech unicorns to enable investors and holders to partake in various upcoming projects. Furthermore, educational organizations, companies, lecturers, high profile executives will be able to use blockchain-based e-learning infrastructure (C-Learning) to enhance their institutional standards and help them to raise the funds needed. C-Learning platforms will be working with the Study and Earn model in which students have a chance to make passive income while investing in a company that has big potential to reach high valuations.
Eduversepad focuses on Metaverse education to create worlds through virtual reality and engage with people of all ages, especially those who are having difficulties engaging with the traditional education system.
Edumeduchain is a B2B solution provider for current educational institutions and systems to upgrade with blockchain technology. Our vision is to upgrade the current system with cutting edge solutions like; porting the scoring and diploma system to the blockchain for safer and decentralized storage, school payment capability, performance tracking, transparent recordkeeping, ROI measurement on educational institutions.

EDUM Token EcoSystem

What is EDUM Token?

Blockchain based edtech platform's tokens will be funded on the platform for Educational Organizations, Companies, Lecturers, High Profile Executives or any experts whose content may be beneficial for EduMedu ecosystem.

EduMedu Launchpad enables EDUM Token holders to take part in some of the most exclusive opportunities in the online education industry.

Main Features

  • The First blockchain based EdTech platform
  • Promising industry products
  • Unique Learn & Study to Earn Model
  • Exclusive contents and content providers
  • Low transaction cost
  • High speed & Secure transactions
Roadmap 2022 / 2023

Our Strategy and Project Plan

Token Distribution

  • 10,00% Private
  • 13,00% Public
  • 20,00% Farming
  • 15,00% Staking
  • 10,00% Partnerships and Community Development and Exchanges
  • 10,00% Advertising and Marketing Activities
  • 4,00% Advisors
  • 3,00% System development, Software and R&D
  • 15,00% Company Founders and the Team
  • EDUM tokens reserved for the Founders and the Team will remain locked for 2 years from the date of the ICO. At the end of 2 years, all of them will be unlocked.

Use of Proceeds

  • 20% Exchange Liquidity
  • 15% Business Development
  • 15% Operation and Management
  • 15% Software Development and Infrastructure
  • 20% Promotion, Advertising and Marketing
  • 10% Founders & Team
  • 5% Advisors
Our Vision

How To Buy Our Tokens

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The following address is for the EDUM Token contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the EDUM Tokensale Platform.

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